CHAVE™, which stands for Credentialed High Assurance Video Encryption is a technology that covers the full spectrum of video monitoring and physical security, integrated with computer and communications network security and remote control. CHAVE™ facilitates the encryption of analog and digital video with voice over IP telephony and its travel through computer network firewalls. This maintains total security for the flow of video and IP telephony within wireless computer and wired communications network. CHAVE™ uses, commercially available elements such as desktops, laptops, PDA's, tablet PCs, and handheld devices used everyday, making it user friendly and cost effective for even the most cost controlled environments. Its return on investment is easily identified through the reduction in staff and training, and its ability to provide "interoperable communications" inexpensively. Visit our partner securexperts for more information on CHAVE™:


The capability that CHAVE™ provides, direct control of individual pan, tilt, and zoom cameras and the ability to save, store, and broadcast data and video securely over wireless devices, makes current video monitoring devices obsolete. This system can be incorporated into land, sea and air operations, and enables remote camera feeds directly to laptops, tables and smartphone devices from anywhere in the world. Using this combined technology, users can view and monitor locations and points of interest globally using satellite, broadband, cellular, wi-fi, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, enabling secure geographically boundless (global) communications between users using "from anywhere, to anywhere" technology.


CHAVE™ can be used as part of a perimeter security plan for locations such as a corporate business site, a public facility, an educational campus, or a stand-alone storage facility. It is an excellent choice if the perimeter includes geographically remote locations because cameras can be controlled remotely and images monitored from a distance on a variety of mobile wireless devices. CHAVE™ is the perfect option for interior security needs as it can be programmed to work with proximity cards and other entry and passage access devices. Additionally, it can be scaled to the exact level of security "look and function" required by the client.


Assistant Chief (ret.) of the Miami Sector, DHS, CBP – U.S. Border Patrol, and CEO of Vision Bridge Consultants, Inc.

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