Vision Bridge Consultants White Paper

  • Are you responsible for construction of a new building or addition?
  • Do you have an existing building where the safety or security level for patients, visitors, staff or controlled substances is a concern?
  • Are employees comfortable walking alone to their cars at night? Is your parking lot too dark?

Vision Bridge Consultants, Inc. has the answers to those problems.   We can work with you, your staff, or your prime contractor to engineer the appropriate lighting and camera solution for your specific needs and budget. We offer high-quality LED lighting and surveillance cameras that result in improved security and significant energy savings. We can work with new construction or retrofit/upgrade existing systems.


Vision Bridge offers five types of lighting systems: parking lots, building signage, walkways and flagpoles, and interior tube (4 and 6 foot lengths) for storage and sensitive area lighting. We also provide quality work space lighting, which often results in happier employees.

LED lights require less energy to operate and generate less heat, resulting in greater air conditioning efficiency and less environmental impact. They also require less maintenance. LED lights produce a more accurate reproduction of natural light (happier employees) and white light, which is critical for quality video in physical security applications.

For a new build scenario, LED lighting is a no-brainer. For a retrofit, the benefits of LED lighting likely still outweigh the initial outlay or a phase-in plan can be developed. Vision Bridge can conduct a site assessment, propose a reasonable solution, and calculate the costs and savings for the job.


Digital cameras have been around since 1975 and are now being deployed in every environment imaginable, especially the internet protocol (IP) camera versions. Highly flexible, they come in all types and sizes, from ultra-small pinhole to large industrial grade.

If you have a legacy CCTV analog system, an older digital system, a system with one or more inoperable cameras, or if your images are worse than the crime scene videos on local news, you should consider upgrading your security camera system. At a bare minimum, you should install bright white LED lighting.

The operational benefits of a new system include picture quality (higher, better resolution and reproduction), more volume and more secure retention and, above all, manageability. With a new system, retrieval of a recorded incident is expedited because you can access and view video files through mobile apps and remote cloud storage. No more pouring over voluminous tapes to find the right day and time of an event.

A surveillance system planned by Vision Bridge allows for flexibility and scalability; you can install a complete system in a new build or phase in a conversion from the old to a new system. Installation of a new system can be relatively painless with the use of Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras – no need to pull wires and disrupt every day business activities. A new digital system also provides a video analytics capability.


The captured and recorded images of modern digital and IP cameras produce a mammoth video data stream that is perfect input for computer video analytic engines. Imagine a 15 second video clip sent to your phone of a smoking wall outlet or a person approaching a gate well after operating hours. This is timely information that will allow you to act prior to an incident.

The newest technology has advanced to a true machine learning solution whereby the computer analytic engine teaches itself to detect anomalies in a specific environment. It literally adapts to your unique environment while monitoring normal business practices. The employees who may have been assigned to sit and monitor a bank of camera images can be put to better use. The computer can do the monitoring, alert on an anomaly, and the human can respond.